Penna Multicuisine Restaurant

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The Penna Multi-Cuisine restaurant features a stunning dining room. From the ambience to the table setting comfort. The most delicate details are explicitly created, and the menu draws upon classic Indian, Chinese, tandoori, and continental culinary techniques embracing some newer cooking styles. The top chefs create masterful dishes and explore the modern culinary world.

Make new friends and enjoy your delicious meals at our beautifully decorated dinner tables. Our menu has been curated to accommodate the various needs of our guests. The common dining hall at Penna Restaurant is the perfect place to fulfil your culinary cravings.


One of the best things about staying in hotels is breakfast. Breakfast at Hotel Seasons inn is a real feast. Our breakfast buffet’s wide variety of the menu is sure enough to make you hungry. We offer a breakfast buffet with a mix of Indian and continental cuisine. The cosy dining room is equipped with all the modern amenities. Hotel Seasons Inn’s breakfast buffet is a special treat every morning.


Hotel Seasons Inn Penna Restaurant is a multi-cuisine restaurant having South Indian, North Indian, Chinese, and Tandoor cuisines. Our dishes are handpicked and cooked by our chefs with a great culinary experience. Our dishes are freshly prepared and cooked to perfection using only the first choice ingredients. Our tasty and excellent cuisine offers our guests a real treat.